S Ashrafieh

An amazing Green project in the Heart of Ashrafieh
2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, duplxes for sale now
Delivery date: end of 2018

Efficiently using natural resources, providing a natural and healthy dwelling environment, reducing waste, pollution and environmental impact, preserving community and social heritage.
2000 sq. meters common garden.

Both energy and water are self generated within the developed land area and structure. Electricity can be produced by mixing the most advanced solar energy systems with minimal dependence on the national grid while a rain harvesting network will collect water from precipitation and store it in a collection tank to be reused during the dry season.

Energy efficiency measures have been considered throughout the tower. Double glazing, double external walls and other green building specs are a standard. 

Daylight will engulf each and every floor and apartment from sunrise to sunset all year round. Creatively decorated wooden shades have been incorporated to reduce high intensity solar flux during the hot season.

This unique project will feature a truly “Green Building” in Lebanon with state-of-the-art features and designs, built-in private gardens spread throughout the tower, added to a private common garden of 2,000 m2 offering an exclusive, secluded escape from the busy urban environment while having the convenience of being in its heart. 

Located in the heart of Achrafieh near to sassine square and ABC, with a sea and mountain view.
Other benefits:

• Central gas network for ovens, stoves, boilers.
• BMS (building management system).
• Advanced technology VRV (variable refrigerant volume) climate control units provide controlled
temperature and humidity at optimal energy consumption.
• Excess parking space is guaranteed even for peak times when venues are set with acapacity
of up to 180 cars.
• High Speed Elevators.
• External fire escape with easy access fr om all apartments. 

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