Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is realty lebanon?

realty lebanon (lebanon’s premium realtor) is a real estate agency located in lebanon. it is a real estate one stop shop for all your needs, whether you want to sell, buy or rent a property. realty lebanon is a real estate community with one aim, connecting developers, sellers, and buyers together in one place to provide the best services for both.

realty lebanon (lebanon’s premium realtor) is a full real estate agency that works on a personal level with all lebanese around the world to bring them the best of real estate industry services.

2. What if i want to have more exposure on realty lebanon (lebanon’s premium realtor)?

if you want more exposure to your property on realty lebanon (lebanon’s premium realtor) and on other international portals, call us if you are ready to sign an exclusive contract with realty lebanon (lebanon’s premium realtor) and we will display your property on all our portals which has visitors from over 160 countries.

3. What is the exclusivity agreement i can sign with realty lebanon (lebanon’s premium realtor) ?

realty lebanon (lebanon’s premium realtor) acts as a full red carpet real estate agency, the exclusivity will be for a period of time where realty lebanon (lebanon’s premium realtor) will have the only and exclusive right to promote and sell or rent your property.

4. What is the price for listing my property on realty lebanon?

it is completely free to list and promote your property if you have signed an exclusivity agreement with realty lebanon. we do not charge you to list your property. if you would like your property to be featured, then we charge a small fee. we do charge the normal 2.5% commissions upon the successful sale of your property.

5. Is there any commissions for buying or selling through realty lebanon?

if you are buying or selling a property through realty lebanon, then we charge 2.5% from each side.

sometimes, a property will be free from commissions for buyers, this will be clearly stated in the description of the property.

6. What is the commission for renting a property?

normal commission for renting a property is one month rent from tenant, and one month rent from owner.